Other Resources that May Be of Interest

OpenVPN book:

Markus Feilner, OpenVPN:  Building and Integrating Virtual Private Networks, PACKT Publishing, 2006

Would have been handy to have had a copy when I was first figuring out all this OpenVPN stuff...

Various Diagnostic Tools

3rd party tools


Useful networking tools like ping, etc, in a usable UI.  Notably missing is 'route' and I have some devices that the traceroute does not function on, but handy nonetheless.

PocketConsole, CMD, and NetTools

provides a console driver, a shell, and implementation of ping, route, and ipconfig.  The PocketConsole doesn't work under WM5 (or VGA devices).

Ad hoc tools

In a pinch, I have made the following applications.  They are not sexy; they were really just to make text files to send me to help in diagnosing various problems, but they might be of use in other situations as well.

DumpAdapterInfo.exe; DumpAdapterInfoXP.exe

dumps gory details about adapters currently loaded; this has more detail than ipconfig /all provides, and runs in WM5.  outputs to a text file in the root directory called 'dumpadapterinfo.txt'

The XP variant does the same thing except it runs on the desktop, an outputs in the current working directory.


since the NetTools/CMD/PocketConsole do not run on WM5, this dumps the routing table to a text file in the root directory called 'dumprouteinfo.txt'.


This dumps a bunch of configuration data related to the Windows Connection Manager to a text file called 'dumpwcminfo.exe' into the root directory.  This is not a speedy app, so don't be surprised if it takes 30 seconds or so to complete.  Also note that this dumps all information that is returned from the underlying queries, which can contain things like phone numbers for dialup, IP addresses, remembered user names (though not passwords), so you might not want to post the output on the web.